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When You Lose a Pet
We understand that there is nothing more devastating than losing a beloved pet. If you have lost a pet
please use the Lost Pet Form to send us the details, we will then post those details to help reunite you with your lost pet.

A lost pet may also be reported directly to the Humane Society of East Texas, by calling 903-597-2471
during hours of operation.

Visit our shelter to see if you animal is here and fill out the lost and found booklet.
A Lost/Found Bulletin Board is available at the shelter to post pictures of your lost pet.
Post flyers in you neighborhood. Check newspapers or other local publications.

Go directly to the Lost Pet Form | View Lost Pets Listings

If you have found a lost pet please complete the Found Pet Form.
Found pets may also be reported to Pets Fur People, by calling 903-597-2471 during hours of operation. At that time the animal’s description will be entered onto the website as a lost pet.

Go directly to the Found Pet Form | View Found Pets Listings

Pet Cemetery

Pets Fur People has a perpetual care pet cemetery located at its animal shelter. Plots are $300.00 which includes a granite monument. For information call the us at (903) 597-2471.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page!

Animal Control

City of Tyler: 903-535-0045 – County: Fire Marshall’s Office 903-590-2652

Surrounding Animal Shelters:

Klein Animal Shelter 903-586-7336 – Wood County: 903-569-2252 Anderson County: 903-731-8433


If you want to surrender a dog or cat, call 903 597-2471 and speak with the Operations Manager.


Reclaims can be made during normal operational hours 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. & 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday Saturday. We require puppies and kittens to be at least 8 weeks old.

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