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Thanks for Letty!!

Got Letty Sunday, everybody in the family wants her. She has been fantastic with kids, other dogs and everybody else. Just wanted to say thank you so much and if there is anything we can do to help PFP in any way please let us know! Ronnie Davis

Bo is doing great! He is part of our family and we love him.

Bo was adopted awhile back by Nathan Ihrig. Here is Bo’s update!

“Bo is doing great. He is part of our family and we love him. He likes to eat and go on walks. He has endless amounts of energy, loves to get in our pool. We are going to obedience school on Friday to work on a few things. We could not ask for a better pet. We feel lucky to have him!”

Hollister and Harry are a joy!

They have been such a joy to have and are full of personality. We just celebrated their 5th birthday. Harry (the spotted one) started getting sick a little over a month ago, and we found out he is diabetic. He is now getting 2 shots of insulin a day and is doing great after several weeks of adjusting the dosage. He is back to the same ole boy he has always been!!

Thank you so much for being so friendly and for all you do for these furbabies! We are truly blessed to have them in our family!

Barbara Hall

We are so happy with our new baby! Thank you HSOET!

We are so happy with our new baby! We adopted Otis (who we re-named Ollie) a little over a month ago. We are so thrilled with him and with the experience we had at the shelter. Ollie has found a home where he is loved and gives love. He could not be more perfect for our family. He loves his golden retriever brother, his lab sister and especially his cat! He is so smart and friendly! He was trained to use the dog door to go potty in less than a day. We could not be more thrilled with Ollie or with the people at HSOET! Hopefully, we will be able to find a way to give back to this awesome organization that has meant so much to our family! Thank you and God bless you for your work!

Kyle and Caey Wells

Grateful companion of Chrissy:)

I adopted Missy on December 23, 2011. That day I renamed her Chrissy, in honor of Christmas and she was a Christmas gift to myself. About 3 weeks prior to adopting her, I tragically lost my beloved Jude, so I had been grieving for a while. I put in a lot of thought and prayer as to whether I should get another dog. I picked out “Missy” from your website pictures and drove out to meet her before submitting an application. Having Missy/Chrissy has been a blessing and I am so glad to have her as a member of the family. She gets along well with my other dogs and, most importantly, with my 2 year old grandson. Chrissy is my bed buddy, and fills a void in my heart. I love her as if I have always had her. Thank you HSOET.

Your website is easy to navigate, the employees I met during the adoption process were courteous and friendly. You provide a great service.

Lisa Burden–“Grateful companion of Chrissy:)”

Beaux the Boxer is Wonderful!!

We adopted Beaux the Boxer the weekend before Christmas. What a wonderful animal he is. He is everything you would want in a dog and is a typical boxer, loving but yet a real clown when he plays!

Thank you Terry and HSOET for allowing us to adopt this very special dog.
Pat and Rod Stalker

We love Buddy!!

We adopted Buddy last Sunday, December 10th. We can not THANK YOU enough for the most AWESOME friend! Buddy is the perfect addition to our family! He is protective of the grandbabies, does good with the cat, follows all commands, and on a few occassions he’s been left alone and has been fine. No whining, barking or destruction.

Teeka our wonderful standard poodle

Teeka our wonderful standard poodleWhen we get to Mexico will send more. She is wonderful! Sleeps with us in bed every night, she sleeps on her back with her legs straight up in the air. So cute! No messes at all in the house, she is very gentle. We are working on the basic’s. Walk walk walk every day, She runs with Ceresa, before she takes off to work everyday. She loves Ceresa, the min. she walks in the house she runs and gets her toys and takes them to her. When you take out the lease for the run, she is so happy and excited, but sits very calmly to have her lease snapped on her collar. She has learned to go up and down the stairs and follows me every where. She was shy at first with Danny, but now loves him when he comes through the door. Still a little shy at first with men. She was made for us! We love her. The last pix is our other pound puppy, he is 8 years old we got him when he was a baby. (Raggedy) Thank you all!
Cindy, Danny and Teeka Ballard. 8-)

Thanks for Lucky!

Hey HSOET! About 2 months ago we adopted our angel and love, Lucky. He has been such a great dog and we love him to death! I just wanted to let yall know how he is doing. He loves our two older dogs and he plays with them all the time. He likes to crawl into your lap and sleep with you. In fact, as I type this he is asleep in my lap. Lucky is such a gift and I can’t thank HSOET enough!

Thank you so much for “adopting us” to Grendall!

Thank you so much for “adopting us” to Grendall, I say that as he really seems to have taken to us. We know you had a lot of folks to go through to decide who to adopt him out to and that can’t be an easy job. He slept like a rock last night and woke up wagging his tail this morning. He seems quite comfortable walking on a leash and has all but stopped pulling. We couldn’t be more pleased. I wanted to say that after visiting your place I was extremely impressed. You can feel the level of compassion for the animals there. Thanks again.

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